Some people find that LEDS products on irritating hum. This is caused by the way the bulbs use electricity to emit light. Life comfort LEDS were designed to eltiminate audible noise so that you can work, study and play without any distractions


Photobiological safety​

Concerning photobiological safety, our LEDS are not different from traditional incandescent lamps. They do not contain higher amounts of short wavelength light wich can cause blue light hazard and fall well within safety standards


Some LEDS give off glare, where it is difficult to see due to the brightness of the light. This could cause visual discomfort and even headaches. Life Comfort LEDS are disigned to reduse glare. Ensuring complete comfort for the eyes in every room of your home


Some LEDS may appear to flicker or produce a stroboscopic effect. This could cause distraction, irritation and affect certain health conditions. Life Comfort LEDS are designed to minimize the factors that cause these effects, ensuring complete comfort for the eyes whether you are reading, working or relaxing


We are proud that our lighting products don’t have the strobe feature