Let’s get to know WeLux better.

Radnour Industrial Group has the honor of over 30 years of activity in the production and supply of lighting and electronic industries in the country.

Radnour has always strived for continuous improvement and innovation, while improving the quality and quantity of its products, and has put new products with reputable brands on the agenda, including two brands called WeLux and Levin, which have been well received and paid attention to by domestic and foreign customers.

WeLux, with the aim of producing various LED products such as LED bulbs, LED floodlights and other LED lights, has been able to emerge in the domestic market with competitive quality and reasonable prices, and most importantly, environmental protection and energy consumption reduction, by having modern technology.
The production of these two brands has equalized international standards and provided the necessary platform to enter regional and global markets and has been able to be placed in the dynamic distribution network of the company.

Innovation in the production of these types of products is one of the most important marketing and commercial strategies of Radnour.